100 Club

The 100 Club is a lottery which helps to raise funds for the club 50% of which is paid out in a monthly draw. ¬£12.00 invested gives you a year’s subscription and you could win back all or part of your membership.¬†Please join the 100 club using the Membership Form to the club secretary. Winners are announced on the website as below and payouts are made by cheque through the post to the member’s registered address.

Month1st Prize2nd Prize
October 2019Jenny CooperPaul Shuter
September 2019Pat TaylorChris Harris
August 2019Dave ReevesChris Harris
July 2019Pat TaylorMark Newman
June 2019Don GrovesA J Mallam
May 2019Peter HouldingLeon Elsworth
April 2019Jenny CooperLynda Martinson
March 2019Dave EvasonNigel Cox
February 2019Pat TaylorHugh Busby
January 2019Nigel CoxPaul Baker
December 2018Dave HartwellJohn Taylor
November 2018Peter HouldingJohn Rowles
October 2018Stephanie HarrisLynda Martinson
September 2018Lynda MartinsonHugh Busby
August 2018Dave ReevesChris Harris
July 2018Dave ReevesAndrew Birch
June 2018Howard BarberHugh Busby
May 2018Michael GreenAndrew Birch
April 2018Dave ReevesHugh Busby
March 2018Hugh BusbyPaul Shuter
February 2018Ralph LaydonJ C Richards
January 2018Pat TaylorAlex Harris