Grove Farm – Winter League – Sunday 6th October

1st Chris Harris 23-0-0 (11.5lb carp + 3 bream on cage and method feeder)

2nd Leon Elsworth 7-0-0 (1 bream + roach/rudd on pole)

3rd David Lloyd-Jones 4-4-0 (roach/rudd on pole)

4th Peter Houlding 2-8-8 (silvers + eels on waggler)

5th John Taylor 2-8-0 (roach/rudd on pole)

6th Jamie Cross 1-4-8 (roach/rudd on pole)

Wards Pool – Fur & Feather – Sunday 15th September

1st Chris Harris 4-9-0 (peg 8; roach and rudd on waggler/maggot)

2nd John Taylor 2-5-0 (peg 7; perch and rudd on waggler/maggot)

3rd Peter Houlding 2-3-0 (peg 6; silvers on waggler/maggot)

4th Nigel Cox 1-5-0 (peg 15; silvers on waggler)

5th Leon Elsworth 0-10-0 (peg 10; silvers on pole/maggot)

6th Andy Partington 0-5-0 (peg 14; roach/rudd on waggler)

7th David Lloyd-Jones 0-1-8 (peg 13)

8th Jamie Cross 0-1-0 (peg 12)

Wards Pool – Acorns Match – 2nd June 2019

1st Dave Evason 3-10-0 (roach/rudd on pole)

2nd Leon Elsworth 3-4-0 (roach/rudd on pole)

3rd Peter Houlding 2-4-0 (rudd on waggler/maggot)

4th Chris Harris 2-3-0 (roach/rudd on waggler/maggot)

5th Jamie Cross 1-15-0 (rudd/roach on waggler)

6th Howard Barber 1-4-0 (rudd on pole)

7th John Taylor 0-12-0 (rudd on pole).

Grove Farm – summer league – Sunday 5th May

1st Leon Elsworth 7-8-0 (rudd, roach and bream on pole/maggot)

2nd Chris Harris 5-9-0 (roach on pole/hemp)

3rd Peter Houlding 4-3-0 (rudd/roach on waggler/maggot)

4th Jamie Cross 3-8-0 (rudd on pole/maggot)

5th Dave Glover 2-0-0 (roach and a 1lb 8oz perch on pole)

6th John Taylor 1-4-0 (roach and rudd on pole/maggot)