Acorns Charity Match 2018

Thanks to the 8 anglers who fished – peg fees, a raffle and donations raised a total of £250 for Acorns Childrens Hospice. Since this annual event was started in 1998, around £4000 has now been raised for different charities.

CHECK-CLEAN-DRY (nets and tackle)

Following confirmation of an outbreak of KHV (carp virus) in Worcestershire during July (see link – to the article on, the Angling Trust have distributed signs to remind anglers to ensure that all fishing tackle, especially nets and weighing mats, are cleaned and dried after fishing sessions to help avoid transfer of the virus (along with other invasive diseases) between fisheries. These signs have been installed at all our fisheries – please follow the instructions to help protect our fish!

Operation Leviathan at Grove Farm Lake

Thanks to Kevin Pearson (Angling Trust Enforcement Officer) and Dave Swift (Environment Agency) who joined us at Grove Farm this week to discuss Operation Leviathan and offer advice on litter and bailiffing issues. They will continue to take an interest in the venue – please report any suspicious activity to the committee so we can help to target their efforts.

Wards Pool – fish stocking

Photo showing part of a consignment of 50 skimmers (8 – 10 inch) and 100 chub (6 – 8 inch) which were stocked in Wards Pool on 29th April 2016. The fish were still in top condition following their journey from Lincolnshire, and were already feeding voraciously on float-fished maggots by the afternoon!

Operation Leviathan – illegal fishing and fish theft

‘Operation Leviathan’ signs are now in place on Wards 84 waters to discourage fishing without permission or fish theft, both of which are offences under the Theft Act 1968,  and therefore can be dealt with by the police. Please call the phone numbers on the signs if you suspect an offence may be taking place (confirming location and any other relevant details) to help protect our club’s fishing. Follow this link for full guidance on how to report on offence:

Guide for Anglers Reporting Offences to the Police